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Mettler Toledo M400 Transmitter

M400: Reliable and Intelligent
Advanced Process Control

The multi-parameter M400 transmitter series features Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM) technology and covers pH/ORP, oxygen (for measurement of dissolved oxygen or in gas), dissolved carbon dioxide, dissolved ozone, conductivity or GPro 500 TDL, depending on the type you choose.

The high-contrast black and white touchscreen together with four soft keys, allows you to operate the transmitter even in the harshest applications without compromising user ergonomics. The online diagnostic information with harmonized menu display lets you know when it is time to do maintenance or calibration of sensors equipped with ISM technology. The HART or FOUNDATION fieldbus communication protocol provides easy integration of sensor diagnostics into process control systems.

Features Overview
– 4" touchscreen plus soft-key operation
– Advanced ISM diagnostics, incl. iMonitor
– Communication protocol: 4 to 20 mA (with HART)
– Multi-parameter measurement
– Aluminum die cast enclosure (coated)
– 4-wire installation

Other Highlights

– Plug and Measure functionality
– IP66 rated
– Graphic trending
– Transmitter configuration tool

  • Technical Data for M400 Multi-parameter Transmitter Series (ISM)
  • Operation Manual: Multi-parameter Transmitter M400 ISM