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Sensor SITRANS TS500





direct sensor signal 
4…20 mA (TH100/TH200) 
HART (TH300) 
PA (TH400) 
FF (TH400)

Max. operation temperature*

  •  measuring point



  •  connection head:


Pt 100 Basic: –30...+400 °C
Pt 100 Extended: –196...+600 °C 
Thermocouple –196...+1100 °C 
(Depends on type of TC)

-40…+100°C (+85°C with transmitter)

Ingress protection IP54-68, depends of the type of connection head and cable gland



The industry-grade temperature sensor supports a wide range of measuring go from basic applications to solutions in harsh environment. A benefit for the user is the use of standard components even for individual configurations. This ensures the modular concept consisting of a barstock or tubular thermowell, extension and connection head with optional integrated transmitter or display. Version for intrinsic safety, flameproof and non sparking are available.


  • Exchangeable during operation
  • Wide application range due modular design
  • Explosions protection according ATEX and IEC EX intrinsic safety, flameproof and non sparking
  • Optionale Vorortanzeige integriert

  • TS500, 2
  • TS500, 2N
  • TS500, 2G
  • TS500, 2F
  • TS500, 3
  • TS500, 3G
  • TS500, 3F
  • TS500, 4/4F
  • TS500, Existing TW