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Sensor for sanitary applications


Output direct sensor signal 
4…20 mA (TH100/TH200) 
HART (TH300) 
PA (TH400) 
FF (TH400)

Max. operation temperature  

  •  In the pipe:
  •  Clamp-on:


–30…+300 °C
–20…+160 °C

Ingress Protection IP65 (IP54 for some type of connection heads)



This temperature sensor line for sanitary applications provides a wide range of appropriate process connections for the classical temperature measurement. With the clamp-on temperature sensor Siemens breaks new ground. The benefits are particularly at small pipe diameters are the removal of welding and welding validation no disturbance of the process. Comparable accuracy and response time, despite piggability and simple demounting for recalibration.


  • Design according EHEDG-recommendations
  • Inserts exchangeable
  • For clamp-on:
    - No process disturbance
    - Low cost of ownership for installation, validation and recalibration