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Cảm biến đo nhiệt độ
Delivery of complete tags for all applications 
Our wish is to meet your measuring point and sensor requirements, irrespective of the industry or application. We provide you with the necessary support and offer our wide depht of know-how.
Selection of appropriate materials for thermowells and extensions
Does your application include high temperatures, high pressures or corrosive media? Or are the temperature measurements made in rapidly flowing media? We will help you find the ideal solution. Whatever your process connections, whether flanged, screwed glands or welded, they are no problem to us.
All common sensors 
Choose the sensor you need from a wide range of thermocouples or resistance thermometers. Of course we will also assemble suitable transmitters for you and adjust them to the sensor and measuring range you have ordered.
 It makes no difference at all whether you are measuring low or high temperatures or whether you use thermocouples or resistance thermometers- the SITRANS T family of transmitters are always a first-class partner