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Rosemount 3100 Series Ultrasonic Level Transmitters

Key Specifications

Measurement Principle 

Ultrasonic, time-of-flight

Measuring Range 

1 to 39 ft (0,3 to 12 m) for 3107

1 to 11 ft (0,3 to 3,3 m) for 3108

Instrument Accuracy 

± 0.25% of distance or
± 0.1 in. (2.5 mm) < 3.3 ft (1 m) under reference conditions*

Level Resolution

Better than 1/16 in. (1 mm)

Blanking Distance 

12 in. (0.3 m)


4-20mA with superimposed digital HART® communication

Temperature/Pressure Rating 

Refer to the Product Data Sheet (PDF @ xxxKB)

Hazardous Location Approvals 

Intrinsic Safety (ATEX, CSA, IECEx, and FM)

MCERTS Approval

The 3108 is MCERTS certified when used with a Rosemount 3490 Series Control Unit

Output Variables 

Level, Distance, Volume, and Open Channel Flow


UPVC housing and wetted material

Ingress Protection 

IP68 to 33 ft. (10 m)

Configuration Tools 

AMS, Field Communicator, Rosemount 3490 Series Universal Controller, or any other DD- or EDDL-compatible host

Temperature: 68 °F (20 °C), Pressure: 1013 mbar (atmospheric pressure), Relative Humidity: 50%, calm and stable water surface.



The Rosemount 3100 Series Ultrasonic Level Transmitter is thereliableandcost-effective, non-contacting measurement solution from Emerson. Time proven ultrasonic technology with advanced software and state-of-the-art electronics delivers high reliability in a wide variety of applications.

The rugged allUPVCconstruction is ideal for exposed site applications such as reservoirs, rivers, remote works, and waste water and effluent treatment plants. Transmitters are factory sealed (IP68) for use in wet-wells and sumps up to 39 ft. (12 m) deep.

The3107is for level and volume measurements in wet-wells, sumps, and tanks. Choose the3108for open channel flow measurement.

  • Continuous non-contacting measurement with no moving parts
  • UPVC housing and wetted material
  • Volume and open channel flow calculations with pre-programmed library
  • Fast and simple to install and configure
  • Easy plant integrationwith 4-20mA / HART® output and PlantWeb support
  • 2-wire dc loop-powered
  • MCERTS-certified 3108 when used with a Rosemount 3490 Series Control Unit
  • Intrinsically Safe (IS) approvals

Features & Benefits

The Rosemount Series 3100 Ultrasonic Level Transmitter is a cost-effective measurement solution for a wide range of applications. It has no moving parts, UPVC housing and wetted material, and a non-contacting measuring method. So, it requires almost no maintenance. It is unaffected by liquid dielectric constant, viscosity and density changes. Additionally the 3100 Series offers the following benefits:

  • Low cost of installation
  • Low cost of commissioning
  • Minimal maintenance costs
  • Process downtime minimized

  • Configuration can be performed by using HART® configuration tools such as a Field Communicator, Rosemount 3490 Series Control Unit, or AMS™Suite: Intelligent Device Manager on a PC.
  • The transmitters can be used with the Rosemount 3490 Series of wall and panel mounted control units, providing power and comprehensive control options.
  • The integral (3107) or remote mounted temperature sensor (3108) enables automatic corrections where air temperature changes could otherwise result in an inaccurate reading.
  • The transmitter is supplied with a 316 Stainless Steel mounting bracket which should be used to mount the transmitter over the liquid surface. The bracket fits over the transmitter’s 1-in. NPT or BSPP threaded neck, and is retained by a locknut.
  • Use a chain or wire through the hole provided in the bracket, which is shaped to ensure that the transmitter will hang perpendicular to the liquid surface. Alternatively, the bracket may be bolted to a suitable cross member above the liquid surface.
  • Flange accessories are available for tank mounting.


Sumps or Wet Wells Buffer Tanks: Horizontal Tanks
Open Channel flow Level Difference