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Rosemount 8800 Reducer

Key Specifications

Flowmeter Accuracy

± 0.65 % of rate for liquids (±1.00% for line size 6-in (150 mm) and greater)
± 1% of rate for gas and steam (±1.50% for line size 6-in (150 mm) and greater)




  • 4-20 mA with HART®

  • 4-20 mA with HART® and Scalable Pulse Output

  • FOUNDATION™ fieldbus with 2 Analog Input blocks, 1 Backup Link Active Scheduler function block, and 1 Integrator function block (1 PID function block optional)

Wetted Material

Stainless Steel - 316/316L and CF3M
Nickel Alloy - C-22 and CW2M
Consult factory for other wetted material options

Flange Options

ANSI Class 150 to 900
DIN PN 10 to PN 160
JIS 10K to 40K
Flanges are available in a variety of facings

Operating Temperatures

-330°F to 800°F (-200°C to 427°C)

Line Size 

Flanged - 1-in to 12-in (25 to 300 mm)


Rosemount Vortex Flowmeters allow you to achieve better measurement practices across your applications by eliminating potential leak points, incorporating gasket-free meter body designs that are immune to vibration, and enabling best installation practices with the Reducer™ Vortex

By building the reducers into the meter, the Reducer Vortex can measure lower flows than any other Vortex meter. The benefit is simplified installations which reduce project risk and minimize installation costs.

The face-to-face dimensions of the 8800 Reducer Vortex match that of the 8800 Traditional Vortex. As estimated process conditions change during projects you can switch between the Reducer Vortex and 8800 Traditional Vortex with no piping changes.


  • Rosemount Reliability - Designed with same electronics, sensor, and meter body as the 8800.

  • Reduced Cost - Eliminates field assembly and welding of separate reducers and piping reducing installed cost by as much as 50%.

  • Extended Measurable Flow - Low-end flow range is doubled with the Rosemount 8800 Reducer Vortex.

  • Reduced Project Risk - Reducer Vortex and the Traditional Flanged Vortex have the same face-to-face dimension. As a result either meter can be used without affecting pipe layout.

  • Available as flanged meter for 1 through 12 inch stainless steel and nickel alloy C materials of construction.

  • Available with HART® & FOUNDATION™ fieldbus protocols




The Rosemount 8800 Vortex Flowmeters are suitable for liquid, gas, and steam applications. The high performance of the Rosemount 8800 Flowmeters solve your toughest flow applications needs by:



  • Eliminating Clogging associated with impulse lines (and other vortex)

  • Reducing potential leakpoints by using a gasket-free meter body design

  • Using a mass balanced sensor and Adaptive Digital Signal Processing to provide vibration immunity

  • Unique isolated sensor design allows replacement without breaking the process seal


  • Product Data Sheet Rosemount 8800D Series Vortex Flowmeter
  • Technical Note Rosemount 8800 Vortex Adaptive Digital Signal Processing