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InPro 6050

Polarographic dissolved oxygen sensor

For water and wastewater treatment applications in dirty conditions


  Inpro 6050
Measurement principle
Amperometric / polarographic
(in accordance with the requirements of ISO 5814 and EN 25814)
Working conditions  

Permissible pressure range during measurement

0.5…2 bar
(7.2…29 psi)
Mechanical pressure resistance
max. 2 bar 
(max. 29 psi)
Permissible temperature range during measuring
0...60 °C
(32…140 °F)
Mechanical temperature resistance of the sensor shaft
Sensor performance  
Detection limit
30 µg/l
[30 ppb]
Accuracy in aqueous media
≤±[1%+30 ppb]

Response time at

25°C (77°F) (air N2)

t 98% < 90s
Design features  
Temperature compensation automatic with built-in RTD 
Cable connection (digital) VarioPin (IP68)
Wetted O-rings Silicone & Viton
O2 selective membrane material PTFE/Silicone (reinforced with steel mesh)
Wetted sensor parts Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS)

Surface roughness of wetted s / steel parts


Inner body 
value line
Cathode  platinum
Anode  Ag/AgCl
Certificates (MaxCert™)  
Quality (final inspection certificate) yes
FDA/USP Class VI -
Material certificate 3.1 -
Surface finish certificate 2.1 -
ATEX Certificate -


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