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InPro 6860i / 6960i/ 6970i

Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensors

High performance optical in-line probes



InPro 6860i

InPro 6860 i

Easy handling – exceptional performance
• No electrolyte or polarization time
• Automatic stability control for superior
measurement stability
• Plug and Measure for fast, error-free
start up
• Pre-calibration in the lab with
• Supports analog (nA / mA) and digital
(Modbus) direct system integration
• Improved optical technology ensures
high accuracy

InPro 6960 i

Specifically for wort aeration
• Long maintenance intervals thanks to
robust design of sensing element
• One-minute maintenance
• Full ISM functionality for fast start-up and
proactive maintenance
• Customizable internal LED switch-off option
for extended sensing element lifetime
• Hygienic design minimizes contamination
• No electrolyte or polarization time required

InPro 6970 i

Top performance and intelligent diagnostics
• Detection down to 2 ppb in beer and
• Fast response time minimizes beer losses
• Sensing element is immune to pressure
shocks and extreme CIP cycle conditions
• Plug and Measure simplifies handling
and ensures fast, flawless start up
• Predictive diagnostics for proactive maintenance
• Customizable internal LED switch-off option
for extended sensing element lifetime
• No electrolyte or polarization time required


  InPro 6860i Inpro 6960i Inpro 6970i
Measurement principle optical
Working conditions      

Permissible pressure range during measurement

0.2…6 bar absolute 

2.9…87 psi absolute

0.2…9 bar absolute 

2.9…130.5 psi absolute

0.2…12 bar absolute 

2.9…174 psi absolute

Mechanical pressure resistance

max. 6 bar absolute

max. 87 psi absolute

12 bar absolute 

174 psi absolute

Permissible temperature range during measuring





Mechanical temperature resistance of the sensor shaft



steam-sterilizable autoclavable




Analog/digital Interface      
nA Output: (InPro 6860i /../ nA) 60 nA at air (25 °C, 1013 mbar)
mA Output: (InPro 6860i /../mA 4 to 20 mA (active)
Analog temperature Output: NTC 22 kΩ
Digital Interface:

Modbus RTU on RS485 

– Baudrate: 4800,9600, 19200 (default), 38400, 56600, 115000 

– Device address: 1 (default to 32)

Power requirements

Umin = 19.5 VDC 

Umax = ≤25 VDC 

Pmax = 0.75 W ➝ 33 … 40 mA

Sensor performance  
Operating range 8 ppb to 60% O2 saturation 2 ppb to 2000 ppb
Accuracy in aqueous media ≤ ±[1%+8 ppb] ≤ ±[1%+2 ppb]

Response time at 

25°C (77°F) (air › N2

t 98% < 20 s, < 70 s (InPro 6860i)
Design features  
Temperature compensation automatic with built-in RTD 
Cable connection (digital) data cable 5 pin,VP8 (InPro6860i)
Wetted O-rings EPDM FDA approved (other materials on request)
O2 selective membrane material silicone, PTFE (InPro 6860i)
Wetted sensor parts s / steel 1.4404, [AISI 316L] PPS with material certificate 3.1 (other materials on request)
Surface roughness of wetted s / steel parts  
(EN1320:1996) Ra <0.4µm [16µin]
Certificates (MaxCert™)  
Quality (final inspection certificate) yes
FDA/USP Class VI yes
Material certificate 3.1 yes
Surface finish certificate 2.1 yes
ATEX Certificate InPro 6860i/12/ xxx /mA only


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