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Rosemount pH/ORP Sensor

Emerson cung cấp nhiều loại cảm biến đo pH/ORP để chọn lựa sử dụng đúng với từng ứng dụng và điều kiện làm việc khác nhau, qua đó nâng cao tuổi thọ và độ chính xác của sản phẩm. Sau đây là một số loại tiêu biểu.

381+ Insertion/Submersion Flow Through Sensors


Materials of Construction:

Body, Cover and Flow Cell: Polyethersulfone (PES)

O-Rings: Viton

Measuring Electrode: Glass (and platinum or gold for ORP)

Liquid Junction: Kynar/wood (Code 20) or Kynar/ceramic (Code 21)

Solution Ground: 316 Stainless steel

Sensor Process Connections:

Submersion: 3/4 in. MNPT

Insertion: 2 in. MNPT

Flow Through Cell: 3/4 in. MNPT inlet and outlet

Measuring Ranges:

ORP; -1500 to +1500 mV

pH; AccuGlass 0-14

Minimum Conductivity: 75 mS/cm

Temperature Compensation: Automatic, 0 to 100°C (32 to 212°F)

Maximum Pressure/Temperature Rating:

790 kPa (abs) at 100°C (100 psig at 212°F)

Cable: 10 conductor, shielded cable

Weight/Shipping Weight: 1.0 kg/1.7 kg (2.2 lb/3.7lb)

385/385+ pH/ORP Insertion and Retractable Sensors


Measurement Range      pH: 0 to 14

ORP: -1500 to +1500 mV

Ambient Temperature    0 to 100° C (212° F)


  • RETRACTABLE OPTIONS allow sensors to be easily removed and replaced under pressure without process shutdown.
  • MAXIMUM CHEMICAL RESISTANCE with a disposable Tefzel and titanium design
  • INTEGRAL PREAMPLIFIER provides noise free, long distance transmission of the high impedance pH signal.
  • POISONING RESISTANT triple junction reference electrode

389 and 389VP pH and ORP Sensors 


  • A triple junction reference prolongs sensor life and protects against poisoning ions such as ammonia, chlorine, cyanides, and sulfides
  • Enhanced performance and increased life with cracking resistant glass
  • Available with a glass electrode option for high pH applications
  • Superior chemical resistance provided by a rugged Tefzel body with Viton O-rings
  • The molded sensor body features 1” MNPT front and rear facing process connections for insertion, submersion, and flow-through applications
  • Variopol (VP6) cable connection option, for quick cable-to-sensor release, eliminates cable twisting
  • SMART enabled for pH measurements

3900 and 3900VP General Purpose pH Sensors


Operating Temperature          –10° to 100°C (14° to 212°F)

Pressure Port/Fitting              Maximum Pressure: 790 kPa [abs] (100 psig) at 100°C (212°F)

Materials of Construction        Stainless steel, glass, Teflon®, polyphenylene sulfide (PPS), EPDM and silicone

ORP: Platinum

Integral Cable: 32 ft (10m) cable with integral SMART preamp; 15 ft (4.7m) cable without preamp sensor

VP8 Cable: use 24281-XX, 2.5 ft (.8m) to 100 ft (31m)

Process Connection                Front facing: 3⁄4" and 1" MNPT; Rear facing: 1" MNPT


  • Extended sensor life and protection against poisoning ions using a double junction reference
  • Enhanced performance and increased life with cracking resistant glass
  • Maximum chemical resistance provided by a rugged polyphenylene sulfide body
  • Operates in sub-zero temperatures down to -10°C (14°F)
  • Built-in solution ground for advanced diagnostics
  • The sensor body features a one-piece construction with both front facing and rear facing process threads
  • ¾” and 1” MNPT process connections to meet a variety of application installation requirements
  • SMART enabled for pH measurements

3500P and 3500VP PERpH-X™ Insertion and Submersion pH and ORP Sensors 


Linearity         ±5% of reading or ±3 ppb (whichever is greater) at 25°C

Weight            1 lb/2 lb (0.5 kg/0.1 kg)

Materials of Construction      Wetted Parts: Polysulfone, Viton1, Teflon2

                                          Titanium, Ryton, Teflon® glass, & user specified o-ring material

                                          3500P/3500VP 1 inch MNPT, Front & Rear facing Threads


  • Rebuildable design allows sensor use in applications of elevated temperatures, fouling, coating and poisoning
  • Fast, accurate, and stable measurement
  • SMART enabled for pH measurements

6081 Wireless Transmitter for pH and ORP and Conductivity


Enclosure: Cast aluminum. NEMA 4X.

Dimensions: 6.55” x 5.40” x 5.15” (166mm x 137mm x 131mm)

Conduit Openings: 3/4” FNPT

Ambient Temperature: 32 to 122°F (0 to 50°C)

Relative Humidity: 0 to 95% (non-condensing)

Weight/Shipping Weight: 7 lbs/8 lbs (3.2/3.6 kg)

Digital Communications: HART 7 WirelessHART

pH Range: 0 to 14

ORP Range: -1400 to +1400mV

Temperature Range: -10 to 150°C (PT100 and PT1000)

Accuracy: ±1 mV @ 25 °C ±0.01 pH
Repeatability: ±1 mV @ 25 °C ± 0.01 pH

Compatible with Rosemount Analytical SMART pH sensors calibrations/standardization

The following calibration methods are supported:
- Two point calibration with Low and High buffer (pH only)
- Two point calibration with Automatic Buffer recognition (pH only)
- Single point standardization
- Single point Temperature Adjustment
- Automatic calibration upon live connection to RAI SMART pH sensors and upload of
stored cal data to transmitter
Automatic Temperature Compensation: External 3-wire Pt100 RTD or Pt1000 RTD located in
the sensor, compensates the pH reading for temperature fluctuations. Compensation covers
the range -10 to 150 °C (14 to 302 °F). Manual temperature compensation is also selectable.
Information and Status: Information screens display faults and warnings, radio transmission
status, network ID number, Power Module voltage, transmitter model, and software version.
Display: 2-line, 16 character display supports display of pH and mV units. Display shows