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InPro 8050

InPro 8050 turbidity sensor for wastewater applications

The InPro 8050 turbidity sensor is used to measure suspended solids in industrial wastewater applications.


Features and benefits

Improved process control at high concentration

  • Single fiber scattering light technology provides a wide linear measurement range of up to 250g / l of suspended solids.

Less maintenance

  • The sensor resists abrasive particles and filament fouling in wastewater applications thanks to protection from sapphire rods and smooth surface structure


Specifications - InPro 8050 turbidity sensor for wastewater applications


120 mm



Measuring range

10 ... 4000 FTU, 0 ... 250 g / l

Mounting options

Pg 13.5

Pressure resistance (bar)

2 bar

Pressure resistance (psi)

29 psi

Temperature range

0...60 °C (32...140 °F)


sapphire stick

Fiber cable

6 m fixed duplex fiber optic cable

Fiber optic connectors



  • Technical Data
  • Instruction Manual
  • Quick Setup Guide